Monday, May 12, 2014

Fall 2013

"Frog slide" he kept doing the slide with this poor frog until we made him put the frog back in his "home" behind the shed where they found him.

Pretending to chop wood with Daddy using his golf club.

Like father like son - Wyatt broke the head of the club off just like Daddy has broken the axe head off an axe before.

First cold day of the season last fall.  We built a fire.

with Daddy on that cool day

FNI company "picnic"

eating s'mores at the company picnic

A real cowboy!

Trick or treating at our next door neighbor's house.  Ron and Geri are like an extra set of great grandparents and they love the kiddos dearly.  Wyatt and Helen go to visit them several times a week.

Trick or treating with friends from church.  We met for dinner at the Krafthoeffer's home and went trick or treating in their neighborhood.

Wyatt's "twin" cousin showing off her tattoo at Wyatt's birthday party.

Wyatt getting his tattoo from Granny

Several of Wyatt's friends enjoying the sandbox at his birthday party

Uncle Bret (drinking coffee) and Aunt Staci with Hannah

Wyatt sure loved his baseball cupcakes made by family friend "Sandy Momo"

one of Wyatt's best buds - isn't she a cutie!
We had a wonderful fall.  Wyatt had a great baseball birthday party with excellent weather.  I celebrated my 30th birthday with a trip to Great Wolfe Lodge.  Wyatt loved the water park, the arcade, and the magic wand game there.  We went to lunch at P.F. Chang's for my birthday lunch and Mom and Dad met us there.  After that we all went to Sulphur Springs for Thanksgiving.

My birthday with David and Gena - we went to their house for dinner while we were staying at Great Wolfe Lodge.  Gena made me a yummy cake.

Breakfast at the lodge with Wiley (I think that was his name).  Wyatt was so excited to see the wolves.

Playing the magic wand game.

You can kind of see the water park behind him.

My very appropriate fortune from my birthday lunch.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Picture time

Our sweet beagle.  He got out of the house a couple of weeks ago and was gone for two nights (three days).  We are so happy to have Hunter back where he belongs.

Showing his muscles.

I guess I forgot to turn  this picture - but she is "talking" on the phone.

Justin and I before the annual FNI company dinner.

Wyatt is playing t-ball this year for the first time.  Justin is the assistant coach (our friend Matt is the head coach) and it is so fun watching those little guys run around the field.

Go Rangers!

My little lake rat.

Driving the boat with Daddy for our first trip of the season.